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Hidden secrets of Delhi unveiled — Let’s embark on an enthralling tour
Delhi is an absolute blend of old world charm and modernity coupled with versatility, which attracts visitors from all around the world. Whether it is the religious places, wide boulevards, shopping malls or street food, there are lots to explore in this city. It is a paradise for the history buffs, the adventure lovers, shopping enthusiasts, and food connoisseurs. As you set out to soak in the magic of the city, make sure that you do not miss the hidden treasures. Here’s a list of places you should include in your itinerary when in Delhi.
Swaminarayan Akshardham:
Created with intricately carved sandstone and marble, this fascinating structure comprises 20,000 statues, exquisitely carved pillars and floral motifs. Built along river Yamuna, the structure is surrounded by water fountains and landscaped gardens. At the centre of the temple lies a 3m high, gold statue of Shri Swaminarayan. The musical water show at the temple in the evening is a breathtaking experience. Moreover, the sight of the temple after sunset is a sight to behold. To reach Akshardham you can avail the Delhi Metro or buses.
Lotus Temple:
The Lotus Temple, also known as the Bahai Temple, is one of the best architectural marvels in Delhi. The flower-like, pure marble structure comprising three ranks of nine petals is shaped like a lotus. It has been designed by the Iranian architect, Fariborz Sahba. The marbles, which were used for construction were imported from Greece, the white cement came from Korea and the cutting and polishing was done in Italy. Although the temple does not employ temperature control systems, the nine surrounding ponds work as natural air conditioners. The nearest metro station to this temple is Kalkaji Mandir.
Garden of Five Senses:
Garden of Five Senses: Situated near Mehrauli, this destination offers a welcome break from the hustle bustle of the city. The lush green landscapes stimulate all the five senses and awaken the mind, drawing its attention to the beauty of nature. The meandering pathways, pink lotuses, and waterfalls in the garden create a visual treat. If art intrigues you, a visit to this garden is a must. The sculptures, murals and Rajasthani art will surely leave you dazzled. As you walk through the park, tinkling sound of countless wind chimes, which adorn the park will greet you. Not only is the sound pleasing, but also equally soothing to the senses.
Dilli Haat:
If you want to pick up trinkets, paper-mache products, jewellery boxes, shawls and stoles, Dilli Haat is the place to head to. If it’s a rare Kantha saree, Kolhapuri chappals, Lucknow chikan work or Khadi garments you have been planning to add to your wardrobe, you will find it all under one roof. At this plaza, there are several shows, which promote handlooms and handicrafts. Apart from a wide display of traditional handicrafts, Dilli Haat promises an interesting culinary experience. Food stalls from various Indian states serve authentic cuisine, which is both palatable and diverse.
Your tour to Delhi will remain incomplete without a visit to the above destinations. If time permits, you could also visit Connaught Place, Khan Market and Janpath. The Delhiites with their positive outlook, fun-loving
nature and dynamic personalities will win you over. It is difficult to not fall in love with this place and the people!
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